Why Shannon Moseley is listed as Author for "I'm Free" here!



I have seen several people listed as the author of this poem.. The most visible name being Linda Jo Jackson.. I have not found any way to contact Linda Jo Jackson to get some facts on this.

I have Shannon Moseley, Copyright 1992 listed as the author because several years ago, (1998) she contacted me via Email stating she (Shannon Moseley) was the Author and that the poem had been published under her name in a magazine in 1992.

I was given the name of the magazine. I searched the archives of the magazine but they did not go all the way back to 1992. I then wrote them asking for information. I never received it..

I had a hard drive crash in which both the email of Shannon Moseley and the name of the magazine were lost. However I had no reason not to believe her!

Shannon.. If you read this Please contact me again..Thanks!

Shannon's name has been on the poem on my site for several years with no one challenging it. If anyone can show beyond a doubt that she is not the Author, please contact me.

Note: Cached page from a forum where Shannon Moseley (aka Chilly76) was asking how to get credit for her poem!
After I found this post from Shannon on this forum and put a link here, the forum removed the post from their site.

In case someone sees fit to remove the cached item, I have put a copy of the message here.. I did not include the replies to her.


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